Wednesday, November 27

Sisterly love creatively captured by dad Jason Lee

Portrait photographer Jason Lee takes photos of his two daughters in a very unique way. Unlike typical kids photography, Lee isn't afraid to mix a healthy dose of Photoshop magic into his photos. Keep them loving & fun!

"Try planning a shot out beforehand" and "Remove all distractions if at all possible."- Jason Lee.

Friday, October 25

Thursday, October 3

Ella's Shop coming soon at the Second Avenue Exchange

Ella will finally have a physical address to call home as we open the first Ella's Shop. At Ella's corner located at the entrance of the upscale Second Avenue Exchange, you will find her unraveling universe of inspired vintage, fashion and beauty. Ella's refined & vintage inspired collection is delicately designed and meticulously curated by her creative director Cecilia Zalazar. Ella will also soon reopen her online shop at Etsy. We invite you to follow us while we open the store @ellauniverse.

 the muse and her universe. 
My universe is yours. _ Ella.

You are all invited to come home, darlings.

Saturday, August 17

Cärpe-díem, Tommy is going to College this Fall 2013

Bittersweet, in a week I am moving my daughter to the great college town of Boston, so this post couldn't be more appropriate. All American Preppy style inspired by the Ivy League, Tommy's Fall 13 campaign sets the mood for proper college attire.

Great news, now pretty stylish people are also smart and go to Yale. I wished it was that easy! Love the story and location, even took a picture of my daughter sitting at the same lecture room during our college trip last December, an eye for an iconic setting for sure. The campaign was photographed by Craig McDean, styled by Karl Templer and directed by Trey Laird.

“Collegiate traditions and the preppy, Ivy League look were some of my earliest design inspirations and the starting point for our signature style,” _ Tommy Hilfiger.

I may say that the incoming freshman that wears a graduation cap in all the pictures and video "Chloe" looks and acts more like a 15 year old going to a boarding school than college. Kids are smarter and more mature these days. I guess the brand was targeting an aspiring teen consumer with this video, but I would rather learn more about the whole group and their lives in town. For that I may have to wait for Part II.

Sunday, July 21

Love Gucci & my sexy 90s Dark Glam, Gucci Fall Winter 13

The ones that know me from the 90s and later, know how much I love Black. Black is sleek and mysterious, add fishnet and high leather boots, a white porcelain face, blue smokey eyes with plum lips... and becomes irresistibly sexy and cool. 90s Dark Glam with some 40s melancholy, Gucci's Fall 13 campaign shot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott is the epitome of the style. Oh I adore Gucci and I miss my sexy 90s and here they are! Superb.

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Tuesday, June 11

Living and Dying Structures by Azuma Makoto

Azuma Makoto, a botanical artist known for his intricate and beautiful floral and botanical art installations, had amazed the public with his opening installation “Art of Plants" at  the newly remodeled Isetan department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Following the store's new vision “Welcome to the Fashion Museum”, Azuma based his project on the juxtaposition of several installations of hand-folded leaves throughout the remodeled floors featuring gallery displays and vignettes in the sales departments. The leaves eventually will dry and fall.

“It was actually our intention to show all the process by which leaves slowly decay, as part of the installation,” Azuma says. “We were there every day for maintenance and kept them dry in the end.”

The team of 300 people used several leaves, including cast-iron plant, danae, liriope, dracaena and black leaf, creating patterns by folding them in a multitude of ways. Nearly 20 varieties of leaves were used to create the piece in the main entrance of the store.

Azuma published in 2012 the Encyclopedia of Flowers: Flower Works by Makoto Azuma photographed by Shunsuke Shiinoki.

Friday, May 10

Dolce & Gabbana and the treasures of La Famiglia

I have been craving gold and red all this year and now after watching the Dolce & Gabbana Winter 2014 Women's collection everything makes sense. The passionate love of Dolce & Gabbana for the Italian culture is portrayed in a Baroque collection with the upmost taste. Inspired by the richness of the Byzantine glamour and infused with the elegance of the Cinecittà of the 50's. I am speechless. Superb.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana used the golden twelfth-century mosaics of Sicily's Cathedral of Monreale as a starting point for their new Fall collection. "The art of mosaic-making is a slow and precise one." _D&G