Wednesday, March 31

Along the Amalfi coast and Positano with GANT

Bernard Gant arrived in New York in 1914, an immigrant from Ukraine. He went straight to the garment district in Manhattan and secured his first job as a collar-sewing specialist in a downtown factory. He later began fabricating his own dress shirts and selling them to respected stores in NY. His distinctive quality mark, a G, was on the labels of all his shirts and soon became recognizable by the consumer that started to look for the shirts with the G instead of the name of the label.

Gant dress shirts were de rigueur for American male students in the early and mid 1960s. The shirts were worn open-collar and without necktie, with the top button open to reveal the roll of the collar, except when the formality of an occasion demanded otherwise. The front of the shirt buttoned along a double-truck hem, a feature that became a requisite for any brand targeted to adolescents and young men.

Today Gant is synonym of quality american lifestyle and offers products from menswear, ladies, boys, girls and babies, home, watches, fragrance, footwear, underwear to eyewear. In the latest catalog Gant takes us to Italy, the Amalfi coast, Positano and Capri. What a worldly life....Visit

And for a younger take, go out on a trip at Gant Rugger watching roadtrip and the NY stories behind the three friends jacquesreid and stas at

Monday, March 29

Alice underwater dream, shot by Elena Kalis.

Elena Kalis was born in Moscow and resides for the last ten years in a small Bahamas' island with her husband and two children. Living surrounded by water and nature and having an education background in Arts, got her interested in photography, specially in underwater projects with her children and friends as models. Her work caught the attention of editors and now appear in books, magazines and CD covers. Visit her website at, more of her projects at and read an interview with the artist at

"Nothing is working the same way as in the ground. It's like you are in another dimension. But this is why it is so interesting."- Elena Kalis.

"The ocean. It's never the's changing every second...and yet there is something so majestic and permanent about it. I feel very humbled and inspired." - Elena Kalis.

Thursday, March 25

Stupid listens to their heart, be stupid DIESEL

Diesel's newest ad campaign urges people to "be stupid." Launched by new artistic director Bruno Collins and Anomaly. Visit The campaign suggests that is better to live with your heart, than with your head. Life can happen to you if you are willing to take risks and that sometimes the silliest things can be fun and honestly true. Some of the ads are great and actually transport you to the thrill of your teen years, but some are just mere stupid. Visit the campaign website at, browse the full campaign at and decide for yourself. I chose the ones I like... can be smart, but stupid has the stories.

Wednesday, March 24

We are Animals for Wangler by Fred & Farid

Following of the success of  their Wrangler's "We are Animals" campaign in 2009 inspired in the 70's free spirit, the Parisian creative duo Frédéric Raillard and Farid Mokart went to hell for take two. For this new version F&F teamed up with photographer Jeff Burton and replaced the forest and mud for the California's red desert dust. Visit the campaign website at

"We put the models through hell. Last time they were soaking wet and covered in mud. This time they were boiling hot and covered in dust. We're going to get a reputation." - Fred.

Their first Wrangler's "We are Animals" campaign, with a bohemian free spirit, was shot and filmed by Ryan McGinley. Visit the photographer's website at

"The collection was inspired by the 1970s, so we wanted something spiritual and down to earth, that led us to treat the brand in a way that was very different to the usual urban imagery." - Fred.

Tuesday, March 23

Innocent young beauty... French Candybird

Candybird is a young French illustrator, born in 1982, that currently lives in the South of France. After attending school of graphic design, she began working as a freelance illustrator. Her sweet and melancholic illustrated girls with their unique innocent appeal, may well come from a dark fairy-tale. You may visit her website at and Portfolio at

Some of her sexier illustrations are featured in the book "Pink Attitude", which was presented with an exhibition in Rome. The book contains artwork from 20 contemporary female artists including Candy Bird. Watch the presentation video bellow.