Saturday, August 27

Ella Universe's New Website powered by Muse

I used the new software Muse A new free beta by Adobe. It's the best ever invented for graphic designers that hate code like me!! 
Check it out!!

Friday, August 26

PLAYTYPE, a Ludic Physical Store about Type

The Danish design firm e-Types opened the concept store Playtype in Copenhagen fully dedicated to typefaces. This temporary "physical store" will be opened until the end of 2011.

The Playtype concept store was launched in conjunction with the revamp and redesign of Located in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro, the store is the physical manifestation of the online shop – and then some.

Created as a place to further our typographic practice, the store provides a street level entry to typography - it is a place to share our passion with the general public and a place where our designers can experiment with their craft outside of the studio.

Aside from type, the store continuously features new editions and products created by e-Types alongside friends and colleagues in the design and art world.

Monday, August 22

Dana Tanamachi's Nagging Doubt and her chalk

Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer and custom chalk letterer living in Brooklyn, New York. After hours, Dana moonlights as a custom chalk letterer, creating large-scale chalk installations in New York City.  She also applies her chalk lettering to a wide variety of uses for publications, packaging, and apparel. Wath her work! Visit

In June 2008, Dana moved to New York City and began working at SpotCo designing posters for Broadway shows. Currently, she works at Louise Fili Ltd, a NYC-based studio specializing in logo, package, restaurant, and book design. Visit Louise Fili and  Louise-fili studio

Saturday, August 13

Ella Universe presents her vintage collection @ Etsy

When the lights go off, the voices disappear and this mundane theatre is inexorably empty... Ella comes, the most enticing creature to behold.

Ella universe, la femme and her universe, the muse from the 1920's till now.

Ella Universe presents her new Vintage Collection at Etsy. An enticing lifestyle collection intensively dreamed, inspiredly designed &  thoughtfully curated by Cecilia Zalazar.

Preview & Shop at

Wednesday, August 10

The talent and pulse of Aaron de la Cruz

Aaron De La Cruz's work gracefully mingles between design, graffiti and illustration. No computer, just the incredible pulse of his hand and years of practice create such harmonious but yet free mathematical pattens. Visit

The lack of deliberation while moving creates a tension in his work caused by the almost computer generated grid like systems he creates by unplanned mark making. The marks themselves are very primal in nature but tend to take on higher meanings in the mediums and contexts they appear on.

From tomorrow August 11th to September 1st you can see his work, and maybe get to chat with him, during his exhibition at Project Space at 603 N. La Brea Ave. in LA. The best of luck Aaron!

Friday, August 5

The Mast Brothers Chocolate from Brooklyn

Two brothers, Rick and Michael Mast, set to conquer the chocolate gourmet market with a unique proposal, true tradition and high quality ingredients. Using only the best cocoa in the world and sugar, dedication, resourcefulness and nothing else. After their crafty process the chocolate bars are finally hand wrapped in beautifully crafted papers, designed by our friends and family. Visit

They began their enterprise in their apartment, using a homemade machine to process cacao beans. Over time they cultivated their creation, sourcing beans from family farms in Madagascar, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. Each bar is handmade with incredible reverence for the process and history of chocolate. They are bound in ornamental papers and golden foil like a collection of rare books. Each bar offers its own story of flavors, and no two are exactly alike.