Tuesday, December 18

Marion Cotillard, a muse devoured by red in W magazine.

Shot by Tim Walker for W magazine, Marion Cotillard is the muse devoured by red in W's December cover that was just chosen as one of TIME's Top 10 Photographic Covers of 2012.

Perhaps it’s her large haunting blue eyes or her innate elegance, but ­Cotillard always looks like she’s harboring a deep secret. That tantalizing sense of privacy is what makes her characters so intriguing. _ Times.

“It is much easier for me to understand something vast and complex than something light and uncomplicated,” Cotillard explained. “Perhaps that makes me very French.” She laughed. “Tragedy is almost always interesting to me.”

And the infamous cover... check my previous post.

Monday, December 17

Maison Martin Margiela and H&M Nude Heels

Famed choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker created an unprecedented and hypnotizing performance, set on sand squares, which ran throughout the evening across different floors. The choreographer and her dancers removed garments while performing, creating live and spontaneous art installations across 9 floors of 5 Beekman Street, a historical building in NY financial district.

The capsule collection of Maison Martin Margiela and H&M is mesmerizing, the packaging tactile and seductive, but the highlight is the leather shoeware with nude plexi heels, just superb. Got a pair.

Saturday, December 1

Truth has no time or place, just is. Chaplin's voice.

So true then as it is now.
When will we overcome it?
When are we going to learn?

After this movie Chaplin had to exile to France.
"The Great Dictator (1940)" Movie Monologues

Tuesday, November 20

Louis Vuitton, L'Invitation au Voyage

Fly high with Arizona Muse on a hot-air balloon that rises above the Cour Carrée. L'Invitation au Voyage, shot for Louis Vuitton in Paris by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

Thursday, October 25

Crystalized Light, the Lee Broom's Crystal Bulb

Inspired by the delicate craftsmanship of hand blown crystal cutting the Lee Broom's Crystal Bulb decorative light bulb-shaped crystal pendant light is a unique piece of decoration. Produced in collaboration with experts of British finest hand crafted glass at Cumbria Crystal. Enter to the Crystal Bulb Shop, photos by Natalie Sternberg.

Friday, October 19

Chanel N°5 and Brad Pitt, Inevitable.

I recall my first encounter with Chanel N°5... I was only 5 years old and could understand the beauty of a classic. Had to be Chanel, inevitable.

For the first time in the history of N°5, a man agrees to represent the most feminine of fragrances: Brad Pitt.

Experience the story behind the iconic scent.

Read more about Chanel in my previous posts: Strength is built by one's Failures, Coco Mademoiselle and Keira KnightleyChanel Shade Parade, Chanel shot in Buenos Aires.

Monday, October 1

Playing with Cats and Periquitas, Moni Suburú

Moni Suburú, a prolific Argentinean artist formally trained as graphic designer who decided to explore the techniques of papier-mâché as a catharsis from this mundane world. She creates little beings with a sweet soul and lovable eyes. Cats, fishes, her periquita dolls and flowers; they all belong to her inner world bringing light to darkness and laugh to sorrow. She is currently designing a doll and a girly cat for EllaUniverse. Can't wait to see them! Meet her lingering between her art and creatures at facebook  and buy her art at Mallin Espacio de Arte

Tuesday, September 11

Eva Zeisel and her Sensual Modernism

Lived for 105 years... and lived constantly in the present.
Eva Zeisel, born in Budapest in 1906, apprenticed to potters as a teenager, then worked in Germany and later Russia and Vienna. Landed in New York in 1938 with her husband Hans and began her second design career that will define an era. Organic shapes, toned colors, a sense of fun and play and fluid lines set her appart of a cold modernism, she wanted to bring humanity to design and she did.

"I didn't accept the purism of modern design," she said. "In my definition, if it gave beauty to the eye, it was beauty."_Eva.

“I don’t create angular things. I’m a more circular person—it’s more my character….even the air between my hands is round.”

"I call myself a maker of things. I don't call myself an industrial designer, because among other things industrial designers want to make novel things. Novelty is a concept of commerce, not an aesthetic concept. The industrial design magazine I believe is called "Innovation". Innovation is not part of the aim of my work. Well, makers of things, we make things more beautiful, more elegant, more comfortable than just a craftsman do."

Below is a great interview that shows her fascinating energy and her bright mind at 93 years of age. Just look at her hands drawing, that's a life well lived.

Thursday, August 30

Lady Dior strarring by Marion Cotillard, the muse.

As part of a series of short films for Lady Dior starring by French actress Marion Cotillard, Lady London is a muse capable of unleashing the inner power of any man...well. True or fantasy has great photography, an adorable Marion and superb styling. Reminds me of my recent trip to Las Vegas where I finally got to see the French performance Crazy Horse, so tasteful. Next time I shall see the one in Paris!

Dior's cinematographic fashion campaign for the Lady Dior Handbag. Art direction by John Galliano. Directed by John Cameron Mitchell, starring by Marion Cotillard, Ian McKellen and Russell Tovey.

Thursday, August 23

Flying High in Paris by Laurent Chehere

A whimsical series by French photographer Laurent Chehere inspired by the 19th and 20th arrondissement of Paris, specially the Belleville and Menilmontant neighborhoods. I always say I want to live in Paris, I should get one of these...