Thursday, September 22

We can all make a difference. Ideas are welcome.

I am looking for a cause, something that would inspire me and others! and I will create a non-profit or similar. I love children around the world... a better future... a better and healthier world. Share with me some ideas!! And I will make it happen!!
We can all make a difference. It is time. Please leave your comment below.


  1. I heard on NPR the other day that a high percentage of the children in Afghanistan have war related emotional and psychological challenges; PTSD and anxiety, for example.

    I would love to see art/music/dance therapy implemented there. And if such a program already exists, then perhaps more media and financial support for it. There is healing, and transformative power in art - and giving this wounded population a chance (while they are still children) to heal, express, and find hope, is my wish.

  2. Love is the solution to everything, even war...
    I will research on this further. It is a great idea.