Tuesday, April 23

Love Yourself, Changing Women Self Perception.

The latest Dove campaign "Real Beauty Sketches" by Ogilvy & Mather Brazil addresses image issues by showing women how they are lovingly seen by others instead of the harsh image they have of themselves. Surprisingly enough, they actually look closer to the version of themselves that others gently see.

The "Star Models" ads from agency Revolution Brasil fight anorexia by comparing fashion illustrations to images of real models Photoshopped to have the same measurements as the drawings. The celebration of Anorexia in Fashion has distorted the perception of beauty and by creating impossible figures has hurt deeply women self-esteem. Bones are not beautiful people, true women are.

Monday, April 1

Gucci always Gucci, Spring Summer 2013

I fell in love with Gucci when I was five and I am still hooked. I just can't explain, it's instinctive. This year I finally broke away from black and fell for bright color, Gucci reads my soul. Bright pink, cobalt, citrus yellow, coral, and turquoise. "I love to play with color for Spring," _ Frida Giannini

Watch the full report about Frida Giannini's latest collection below.