Sunday, January 31

Chanel Spring 2010 shot in my dear Buenos Aires

Karl Lagerfeld chose "Misteriosa" Buenos Aires as the backdrop for Chanel's Spring 2010 Campaign. The iconic German Claudia Schiffer is the main face of the season and joining her are also models Freja Beha Erichsen and Baptiste Giabiconi. Visit

Although the hats, boots and belts can be reminiscent of gauchos, the above photo portraits a more "Spanish torero's look" than an a real Argentinean gaucho... well I guess that might be the Lagerfeld's touch! Anyways the rest are more true to the traditional culture of las pampas... and the whole vintage San Telmo's  je ne sais quoi definitely sets the mood for drama.

You may browse the entire Chanel's Spring 2010 collection at and watch the runway show set as a French country barn bellow.

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