Monday, January 25

Illustrations, Photos and Blog... What Else? Garance Doré

With a few strokes made with pen and a hint of mostly red Garance Doré makes her illustrations talk. She is a French Fashion illustrator, also photographer and well respected blogger and influencer in fashion. She has been documenting real people in their street style around Paris for the last three years. Visit her blog at

As a collaboration for The Gap's 40th Anniversary, a London pop-up exhibition of Garance's work will feature the talented Parisian drawings, spontaneous photos and illustrated limited-edition tees. Only 69 shirts in each style will be manufactured (the number is in reference to the 1969 Gap brand jean, the new collection of which just launched). Read more at

"I'm a big fan of Gap; the way they focus on the individuality in their ads and creative collaborations has always attracted me.”- Garance.

Not only that, she also dates Scott Schuman, from the Sartorialist, one of the most followed blogs in fashion due to his sharp eye on the stylishly dressed showgoers in New York, Milan, and Paris that has already a book " The Sartorialist" and a dedicated section in Vogue's online website, ... It is definitely a small world.

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  1. I like the concept of fashion of the street, real people with style.