Saturday, January 9

David Lobser and his sweet and sour animations

David calls himself as simple as an animator, but he knows that his a little more than that. His unique style plays within the limits of cute and creepiness, lovable pink balloon creatures and sexy dolls. He directed and animated music videos, ad campaigns and short films, always leaving the audience with a questioning smile... to what he answers... "Enjoy". ...but watch with caution.

He graduated in 2000 from the School of Visual Arts in New York where he studied film and animation. He worked briefly in the film industry on The Matrix III, Lord of the Rings III, I-Robot, and King Kong. Humble Lobser has recently won a Silver Award at Eurobest Festival 2009 for his Fenistil Campaign. Visit his website at and watch more videos at and

"Humans are deeply wired to respond to cuteness. Most animation tends toward the cute. I’m interested in cute/scary, words that sound almost the same in Japanese. I’m also interested in sex/death and beauty/danger. I think all of these combinations speak to the drama (or comedy) of trouble from desire." - David Lobser

"I developed an approach to animation which takes into account my own propensity to boredom.  I’ve found that in a surreal approach I can be continually inventing an animation as I work on it.  This approach is slower but it gives me something to think about during the long, boring parts of animation.  In this way, animation becomes an aid in daydreaming." - David Lobser

"Animation is inherently fetishistic.  According to wiki, “fetishism is the attribution of inherent value or powers to an object.” To paraphrase Amanda Fernbach - In times of crisis where apocalyptic narratives are amplified, cultural anxieties spawn an array of fetishistic fantasies. My formative experiences with animation were in the commercial world, but I approach my personal work at least in part as a release for pent up and often subversive ideas." - David Lobser

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