Thursday, January 21

"Uova a quattro ruote" from La Bella Italia

Following on my previous post about micro cars "Good things come in small sizes", you may read the entire history of the micro cars at Emilia Paglicci Reattelli contacted me from Italy and told me that she and her husband have a personal collection of more than 70 micro cars from the 50's. The bubble cars are also known in Italy as "uova a quattro ruote" (egg on four wheels), "macchine-bolla" (ball machine) or "macchinette".

Currently one of her cars is in Milan at La Trinnale di Milano Design Museum and other two at dell'Ara Pacis in Rome ( the monument where Valentino's Exhibition took place, view my previous post "After me the flood, Valentino" at

The current exhibition at Milan can be previewed at the museum website that really worth browsing, click

And the exhibition called "Disegno e Design - Brevetti e Creatività Italiani" at dell'Aras Pacis in Rome is open until January 31st. You may visit their website at

Watch an updated version of the Messerschmidt KR 200 come alive in 3D at and learn about bubble cars and the Macchinette exhibition in the following websites and videos bellow. Let's see how good is your Italian... sorry but there are no translations available... and

Now... Emilia promised me that she will let me drive one when I travel to Italy... and I take her word. I will take a picture of myself posing like the ad that dandy Gary Grant did in the 50's to promote the cars. Driving one will be definitely fun!

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