Tuesday, January 19

Sicilia, La Cosa Nostra and its men by Dolce & Gabanna

Always inspired in a manly, sexy, tough Sicilano, Dolce & Gabanna presented an explosive formula of long johns and henleys, wool suits and undershirts mixed with newsboy caps and dusty work boots for their menswear collection  Fall 2010. Who can resist? They can create the sexiest fantasy while delivering impeccably tailored suits, sleek button-downs and luxury leather goods. Browse the full collection at http://www.gq.com/fashion-shows/complete/F2010MEN-DGABBANAMEN and the runway show at http://www.dolcegabbana.com/dg/fashion-show/man/video_runway

They are mostly known for their glamorous and sexy women's line. Domenico Dolce, the son of a Sicilian tailor, attended fashion school briefly, while Stefano Gabbana, the son of a Milanese factory worker, had trained as a graphic designer. Dolce's tailoring and Gabbana's eye for styling were very well receipted when they launched their first women's collection in 1986.  Favorites of Hollywood, the list of clients extends from Madonna, Monica Bellucci, Ayumi Hamasaki, Isabella Rossellini to Beyoncé and Kylie Minogue. They also created the costumes for Madonna's Girlie Show in 1993, as well as Whitney Houston's 1999 tour.

Visit their website at www.dolcegabbana.com where Madonna do the dishes at http://www.dolcegabbana.com/dg/ And watch the videos of the making of the Menswear campaign bellow.

The label has been expanding with knits, swimwear, lingerie, fragrance, accessories, menswear, a junior line, and the youthful, lower-priced D&G all in the mix. And now they added to the list of enterprises a restaurant called Gold that opened in 2006 and a theater and event space called Metropol, in their home city of Milan. You may visit their websites at http://www.dolcegabbana.com/gold/ and http://www.dolcegabbanametropol.com/

And now discover why the Scottish descent British model David Gandy is their leading men in the videos bellow... Viva l' Italia!

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