Friday, October 30

If KERNING is your thing, ask MAX.

"Clean type is godly type." - meet punctilious MAXKERNING, Extensis' new virtual pitchman. The latest humorous graphic design targeted social media campaign. Hello MAX, tidy up Type! Listen to him for a while and have fun if you understand the inside jokes, a little help: kerning = letter spacing. Visit

Poor distressed MAX says "When I look around, I see too much disorder in the world—needless chaos and messes. I sense panic and stress. In fact, I feel it myself. It rattles my soul and gives me an ache in the head and a sourness of the stomach. Because everywhere I am assaulted by sloppy text that is displeasing to the eye. This must be stopped..." Max's manifesto, "Letters to Live By" can be downloaded as a pdf in the "Manifesto" section of his site.

Only two things MAX I need to criticize...
Well, first I could lend you my dyson, that is a more proper "designer" vacuum cleaner... and last but not least...we, graphic designers, mostly use Macs and you forgot to mention the compatibility. Ok, we let this one go for this time. Visit the product website at

Meanwhile let's just have fun with you, extra polished MAX. Follow him in Twitter and Facebook. Watch these fun videos starring MAX and his less fortunate brother, LES Kerning.

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