Saturday, October 31

Halloween proper, Gareth Pugh

The young Gareth Pugh was born in 1981 in Sunderland, England. He is the infant terrible of British fashion scene, following the steps of a long tradition of fashion as theatrical drama back to Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood. He started his career as early as 14, working as a costume designer for the English National Youth Theatre and later graduated in 2003 from London design school Central Saint Martin. He has been showing his collections in fashion week since 2006.

Pugh's collections are autobiographical, he draws inspiration from Britain's extreme club scene. Pugh's trademark is his experimentation with form and volume. He often distorts the human body almost beyond recognition by using elements like balloons, PVC inflated into voluminous coats, black and white patchwork squares, Perspex discs linked like chain mail, and shiny latex masks and leggings. He has used materials including mink, parachute silk, foam footballs, afro-weave synthetic hair, and electrically charged plastic in his clothing. Pugh describes his designs as being "about the struggle between lightness and darkness."

This Fall09, Pugh presented his colletion not with a runway show but actually with a video show as unique as his clothes. 

To get to know him better, listen to his own words in this interview at youtube.comYou may watch the entire Pugh's Fall09 collection at He also has menswear, watch the collection at

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  1. He turned from impossible to wear unless you are really crazy to daring but wearable pieces. Congrats Pugh!