Monday, October 19

Vivienne Westwood, Shoes. A glance at the shoe history of the last three decades.

The ingenuity and creativity of British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is unmeasurable. Following the success of the exhibition held in London focusing on her designs of the ultimate fetish object, the shoe, Vivienne Westwood wished to present this unique collection, showcasing over 40 years of design, around the World.

The exhibition traveled from its last destination in Moscow, Russia, and continued its international tour to the historical Linda Sursock Palace, Beirut, Lebanon. From Beirut to Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo throughout 2011 and New York and Los Angeles at the beginning of 2012.

Above is the cover of the book about her shoe designs, and below the iconic Blue leather mock-croc platform shoes with blue silk ribbon laces, Vivienne Westwood, 1993-4.

Walk through her exhibition in the video below.

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