Saturday, March 31

Dominique Imbert and his Gyrofocus Fireplace

French born Dominique Imbert studied Literature in London and Paris where he became a Sociology profesor at the Sorbonne. After a few years he decided to shape young minds with metal instead and opened a workshop for steal sculpture where he designed his first fireplace for personal use that eventually became his passion. "There is nothing like family gathering around a fireplace." Dominique Imbert.

Watch it in English.

Voted ‘World’s most beautiful object’ in the Italian Pulchra Design Awards 2009, Gyrofocus is also the world’s first ceiling suspended fireplace that rotates 360°. Learn more at and

Another great evolution of the ceiling fireplace, built in Illinois with a Californian flair, is the Fireorb.

Saturday, March 24

Fun Talented Young Designers at SNDVL Crew

Watch a fun promo teaser for  VZMAG designed by Diego and Catalina, a young couple of graphic designers working hard from their own studio SNDVL Crew in Buenos Aires.

I would like to see more of you guys! Keep it up! Follow them on facebook and twitter.

Tuesday, March 13

Inspiring glamour of the 30s, Water for Elephants

Peter Lindbergh for Vogue

If you know anything about Ella, well... this is her. Watching Water for Elephants you are transported by the masterpieces created by the costume designer Jacqueline West perfectly complimented by Jean Black and Frída Aradóttir's make-up and hair.

"It was realistically portraying through the costumes the contrast between the austerity of the Depression circus-goers and the glitzy glamour of the circus performers"_ J. West.

"Before filming started, we constructed a circus tent dressing room and made these gowns right on Reese's body," West says. "She did research on the style of the 1930s and watched old movies in order to do a complete character study. She's an amazing actress."

Read more about West's inspiration for the movie in this full interview. Below are some of the photos of the editorial of American Vogue inspired by the movie and shot by my most admired photographer Peter Lindbergh. Learn more about him in my previous posts and follow him on facebook.

Peter Lindbergh for Vogue
Peter Lindbergh for Vogue
Peter Lindbergh for Vogue

Saturday, March 10

Dana Tanamachi's chalk is taking over Oprah

Following on my previous post of Dana Tanamachi I am happy to see how proliphic her work has been the last months. Dana works full time as a custom chalk letterer and has been commissioned by clients like West Elm, Google, The Ace Hotel, Adidas, Rugby Ralph Lauren, EveryDay with Rachael Ray, Lululemon Athletica and O Magazine. Read more about her latest work for Ophra.

I always enjoy watching her work! The video below shows her in action while creating a new board for the ACE Hotel.

Thursday, March 8

STOP KONY NOW. Become Human.

Understanding what happens around us defines us, but doing something about it is what really matters.
Be uncomfortable, be unselfish and act. STOP KONY and after KONY all the rest.

Love is what we need, education, nutrition and peace. Have we learned anything yet? Have we evolved as humans? Here is a chance, a chance to Become. STOP KONY.

Download the Kit for FREE.

Saturday, March 3

Blondies in Blue, Yves Klein's art by Phil Poynter

The Monotone Symphony, an ode to the French artist Yves Klein,  is the latest project of the British fashion photographer Phil Poynter, who works between New York and London. If his esthetic is familiar to you, is because he was once the creative director of the edgy magazine Dazed & Confused.

I have to thank a dear friend of mine for the discovery of this editorial, follow the talented fashion designer Kelly Renee Bailey @trendcatcher13

Magazine: Ponystep Magazine
Issue: Spring/Summer 2011
Editorial: Phil Poynter's Monotone Symphony
Models: Julia Dunstall, Sophia Lie, and Emily Senko
Photographer: Phil Poynter
Styling: Keegan Singh

Watch this video of the original footage of Yves Klein painting women in blue (1962).