Sunday, May 2

Dream home... simple geometry by Marmol+Radziner

My dream home... designed by Los Angeles-based design-build practice Marmol + Radziner, led by architects Leo Marmol, and Ron Radziner. Established in 1989, the firm has won awards, recognizing its work in innovative design, research, and precision in executing construction details. The firm offers a full range of design services, including architectural design, programming, master planning, historic restoration, landscape design, interior design, furniture design and now also modern prefab homes. Visit their website at and

Designed for a family, the Vienna Way Residence is located in Venice, California. Floor to ceiling glazing and connected outdoor living spaces seamlessly integrate the home with the California native landscape. 

Two main volumes, anchored close to the boundaries of the property, divide the lot into thirds, bridged by a sunken kitchen in the center. The pool in the center of the outdoor courtyard visually unites the building forms. As the hub of the residence, the kitchen connects the public and private wings of the house and possesses expansive views of the pool, side and rear yards. The house is also featured in the cover of their book " Between Architecture and Construction", see bellow.

I love what is happening with prefab homes around the country, slowly but surely this new concept of a modern version of the prefab is having acceptance. Marmol + Redziner together with other firms have joined forces with Dwell Magazine to promote an exclusive Dwell prefab home collection Watch the video bellow.

I like to hear them talk about their work. In a market where most of the available houses are mass produced cookie cutters, they are executing real Architecture, looking for concepts and ideas that work applied to the site and the needs of the client... sounds obvious but it does not happen as often. Since the very beginning, they throve for more. Look at the creative signs they used to put up on the facade of their first studio.

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