Monday, October 11

Don't fix what's not broken, back to the GAP Box

After releasing their new logo, thousands of disappointed customers wrote in Gap's facebook page. After one week, the new booed logo will be put to rest and the iconic blue box will be back and this time to stay. Don't fix what's not broken and never brake the integrity of a brand, less to say of an iconic one. GAP learned it the hard way and by the voice of their own customers. The impact that social media is having on brands and the way companies do business is tangible. Social media and the virtual voice are here to stay. Read the GAP's press release at

Curious enough to see how this socially unacceptable GAP logo looks like? Well you don't need to be a designer to know that is not working. Cast your vote bellow. So far, no agency has claimed the intellectual property of the logo. This one will shamefully lay right beside the Tropicana's failed relaunching in 2008, they both had to retract and use the previous design. Refresh your memory about Tropicana's packaging at

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