Saturday, October 16

Cool farmers rap and live in harmony, Yeo Valley

Now farming is cool... or at least in the UK where farmers rap dressed in wax coats and cows use stylish collars. And all for an organic yogurt of Yeo Valley, watch the video above.

Yeo Valley founders, Roger and Mary Mead began making yoghurt, using milk from their dairy herd, in 1974, selling them from the gate of their farm and to local shops. The production of organic yoghurt started in 1993, as local farmers who were producing organic milk had difficulty finding a consistent demand for it. This first organic product was an instant success. Yeo Valley encouraged more farmers to become organic, so that an increasing supply of organic milk would become available to cope with growing demand.

Yeo Valley organic milk comes from a West Country based Cooperative, called OMSCo (Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative) whose farmers take great care of their dairy herds and pride in the quality of milk they produce. Success for them in supplying more product, results in growing the organic milk market to support British Farmers. The firm won the Queen's Award for Enterprise, for sustainable development, in 2006 for its "Approach to management with continuing support for sustainable UK organic farming thereby minimising environmental impact". Well done. Learn about them at

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