Saturday, May 28

The efficient VW L1 Hybrid & the Diesel Blue

"In photos, it looks like a car. In the metal, it has the appearance of a small plane, to which someone forgot to attach the wings and a tail. Walter de Silva, Volkswagen's head of design, says the shape 'redefines classic and aesthetic vehicle traits. All of its moving parts are integrated so accurately that the body resembles a rocket or jet.'"- The  New York Times.

Production ready in 2013, the two-seater L1 with a diesel-electric hybrid engine gets 157.8 miles per gallon and tops out at 100 miles per hour with a driving range of 416 miles, which beats plug-in competitors.

The L1 is cool, but one I really like though is the Diesel Concept Blue. I want one!

More about the Concept Blue Sport at

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