Sunday, July 24

Strangled by knitwear, Nanna van Blaaderen

The designs of textile designer Nanna van Blaaderen are as gentle to the skin as they are to the environment. Specialized in hand- and in machineknitting, she blends craft, materials and innovation to develop textiles that integrate comfort, elegance, quality and sustainability. She plays with scale and texture, while animals and nature are her source of inspiration. Visit her website at

"Fashion is so much more than a piece of fabric and a sil-houette. Hard, soft, furry, smooth, rough, fine, open, closed, warm or cold, even the finest layer of textile can change the human figure from being naked and vulnerable, into being protected, strong or seductive."- Nanna van Blaaderen.

"What does textile do with body and skin and how important are comfort, functionality, and the materials in the fabrics we wear?

From an early age, I have been fascinated by the interaction between textiles, clothing and the body. During my studies I have explored textiles, fashion design and photography. In my search I have gained strong affinity with these different disciplines, which seemed to be separated at first. However with my rediscovery into knitting, some years ago, I have found a form in which my diverse interests come together.

In knitting I have found a language that brings together textiles and design. A language through which I can express my passion and fascinations. The opportunities, offered by this technique, to create structures, textures and shapes in infinite amounts of materials and variations are a source of inspiration and motivation in my current work." - Nanna van Blaaderen.

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