Wednesday, November 26

Letting it free, morphing paint and resin by Bruce Riley

Abstract organic forms made from layers of dripped paint and poured resin define Bruce Riley's art. His art is spontaneous, letting the piece come alive, constantly moving and morphing. The depth and stile of each piece penetrated by light from multiple angles casts shadows deep into the artwork making it three dimensional and captivating, almost sculptural.

"Riley plans his paintings, but along the way he wrangles the accidents and mistakes that are inevitable. In the studio he focuses on flow allowing immediate observation to guide a painting's progress."_ Aron Packer

Chicago-based and educated at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, he spent most of his time studying the works in the adjoining Cincinnati Art Museum. He studied fine arts at the University of Cincinnati where he discovered The Princeton University Press' Bollingen Series; the published works of philosophers and progressive thinkers like Eric Neumann, Carl Jung, David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti, were of great importance to the artist's development. 

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