Tuesday, November 23

Wear Wings while in NY by Victoria's Secret

This week Victoria’s Secret’s SoHo store is displaying nine vintage sets of wings that have been worn by models like Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima in the shows. As part of the promotion of the next show that will be aired November 30th on CBS, Victoria's Secret is inviting you to be an angel.

If you are in NY, pass by and get your picture shot by the plexiglass box with the angel wings to be included in the Victoria's Secret Wings! NYC Facebook album. You have to get your photo approved before is uploaded to the VS Facebook page, now with 9.2 million fans, where you can tag and share it with your friends. It's nice to see the wings so close but... I am sure is not as thrilling as wearing them with high heals, makeup and an incredible gown...

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