Monday, November 15

Jeanloup Sieff, long bare backs, curves and lingerie

Jeanloup Sieff, Corset, New York, 1962 © Sieff

Jeanloup Sieff (1933 – 2000) was a French fashion photographer of Polish origin. Dancers and nudes were two recurring themes in his work. The clean modern elegance of his images is combined with a  sensuality influenced by the "new wave" film-makers of the 50s. Sieff's landscapes are almost surreal with rocks and grasses isolated in desolate terrain's, in contrast to his portraits which convey real human warmth and eroticism. Visit

Known for his love of the frivolous and superficial, the veteran of Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and and Magnum Agency, said he photographed ‘the pleasure of those maddening lights’. From Hollywood Cinema to nudes and fashion, his images are studies in the art of glamour.

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