Tuesday, April 6

Marina Retamar, Creatures in her Secret Garden

Somehow the dark fairies and Gothic spirits inhabit this secret garden that only exists in Marina's mind. She is an artist with a unique imagination, immersed in a surreal world of ghosts in Baroque settings.

Marina was born in Buenos Aires in 1978 and at young age found art as a way of expression. Her most important art piece is "Amorfida, and her secret garden" inspired on a fairy dream.

She is currently working on her first short film about Amorfida using the animation technique of stop motion. Visit her blog at amorfida.blogspot.com

Her most important influences come from Polish artists Beksinskiego and Andre Polushkin, to Dali's Surrealism and the dark identical twins, The Quay Brothers as animators. Watch a video of The Quay Brothers using stop motion animation bellow. We will be waiting for your short film Marina.

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