Saturday, January 22

Playing with enchanted dolls, Marina Bychkova

"As a child I became painfully aware and appalled at the mediocrity and the uninspired dullness of mass-produced dolls. This profound frustration coupled with my natural sensibilities inspired me to create my own dolls, suited to my own ideas of feminine beauty. A particular point of interest for me was not only the life-like articulation of the body, but also the beautiful balance between a delicate form and an extraordinary function of a doll."- Marina Bychkova.

Visit her website and learn about her process and personality in this interesting interview.

Born in 1982 and lived in Siberia, Russia until the age of fourteen. In 1997 her family immigrated to Vancouver. Her fondest memories are of beautiful rolling hills and forests of Siberian countryside where she spent her childhood, as she lived on the outskirts of the city and had a little cottage in the county overlooking a huge river valley... Her dolls enchanted beauty are reminiscent of her childhood memories in Siberia.

“Making dolls has been the most constant aspect of my life since i was six years old”..”I believe that I was born to do this”…and…”I find nothing more boring and thoughtless than another girly girl doll with blond curls and a puffy dress holding a teddy bear”…ehheeh!!" - Marina.

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