Saturday, February 5

The Force: a dad, a boy and a VW = Magic

The sweetest commercial and the coolest dad... VW introduces the Passat 2012 playing with the imagination of a boy who truly believes he is Darth Vader. This is the Super Bowl commercial that the advertising agency Deutsch created for VW this year. There is still great creativity out there... and without saying one word!

"There's definitely merit to holding your creative back and using the element of surprise at the Super Bowl," Thomas said. "But we thought we had something unique."- Brian Thomas, GM of brand marketing.

Thomas said cooperation from the Lucas Film folks gave them the correct elements for what is an official but much smaller version of the Vader costume, suitable for a six-year old.

Visit the agency's website at Learn more about the battles of the Super Bowl ads at /

Another great expectation is on the Beetle for 2012...Watch the commercial below. I don't know how it looks like but I already want one... black and with stripes!

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