Thursday, October 25

Crystalized Light, the Lee Broom's Crystal Bulb

Inspired by the delicate craftsmanship of hand blown crystal cutting the Lee Broom's Crystal Bulb decorative light bulb-shaped crystal pendant light is a unique piece of decoration. Produced in collaboration with experts of British finest hand crafted glass at Cumbria Crystal. Enter to the Crystal Bulb Shop, photos by Natalie Sternberg.

Friday, October 19

Chanel N°5 and Brad Pitt, Inevitable.

I recall my first encounter with Chanel N°5... I was only 5 years old and could understand the beauty of a classic. Had to be Chanel, inevitable.

For the first time in the history of N°5, a man agrees to represent the most feminine of fragrances: Brad Pitt.

Experience the story behind the iconic scent.

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Monday, October 1

Playing with Cats and Periquitas, Moni Suburú

Moni Suburú, a prolific Argentinean artist formally trained as graphic designer who decided to explore the techniques of papier-mâché as a catharsis from this mundane world. She creates little beings with a sweet soul and lovable eyes. Cats, fishes, her periquita dolls and flowers; they all belong to her inner world bringing light to darkness and laugh to sorrow. She is currently designing a doll and a girly cat for EllaUniverse. Can't wait to see them! Meet her lingering between her art and creatures at facebook  and buy her art at Mallin Espacio de Arte