Wednesday, March 19

Coco and her Iconic Tweed Jacket Unraveled

In 1954, when the then 71-year-old Coco Chanel created the iconic jacket in buckled tweed (bouclé) and paired it with knee-length wrap-around skirts, she was making history.

"Inspired by menswear, straight and fluid, without interfacing, the ensemble provides absolute freedom of movement," says the narrator. "Four real pockets, braid in matching tones or contrasting, buttons stamped with the symbol of the house, and especially, new for the period, no buttons without button holes. Finally, sewn into the silk lining, a delicate chain to ensure that the jacket falls perfectly. A revolution."

Before liberating Women, she has liberated herself...

... and at 71 she changed the World.

Enjoy the retrospective experience of The Little Black Jacket 

And learn more about Coco in my previous post.


  1. absolutely marvelous. the presentation of the icon in a "once upon a time" script. simply love and wonder about the changes of today that require the innovation and creation as much as XX but in a comfortable vestment for modern women of all ages at XXI.
    thanks Elle for bringing it up.
    simply love it!

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