Wednesday, March 12

Dolce's Limited Edition, the Stunning Mosaico Sunglasses

The 'Filato Minute Mosaic' is an artisanal technique of Italian craftsmanship, a glass-blowing and arrangement art that has its roots in ancient Roman culture. Dolce&Gabanna celebrated their Italian heritage with a limited edition of artisanal Mosaico sunglasses.

The micro mosaic, created exclusively for the Dolce&Gabbana eyewear collection, consists on the masterly expertise in spinning of Murano glass, resulting in micro tiles that are then meticulously laid by hand by skilled craftsmen, a delicate and accurate technique that is the very foundation of their mosaic craft.

Just superb. Get them in a box in all shapes and sizes.

Another breathtaking jewel is the Baroque Collection in gold. Stunning.

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