Saturday, February 20

POP-UP Books... Surprise!!!

The three-dimensional paper engineering of the movable books is commonly called pop-up, but is actually more acurate to call them covers pop-ups, transformations, tunnels, volvelles (rotating parts), tunnel or peepshow (see through), flaps, pull-tabs, pop-outs and pull-downs. Originally the early movable books were for adults, not children. It is believed that the first use of movable mechanics appeared in a manuscript for an astrological book in 1306. You may learn more about the history of pop-up books at and and watch the video bellow.

Learn the basics of pup-up with the ABC3D book and an interesting take on pop-up fashion by Visionaire Magazine.

Discover the limited edition of the Neiman Marcus Pop-up book at An original video of Lisa Hannigan for her song Lille at  and for Star Wars fans "A pop-up guide to the galaxy" by Matthew Reinhart bellow.

Watch a great promotion by Levis, The Levis Pop-up Closet case and other creative ideas bellow.

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