Tuesday, March 22

Feed your Inner Beast at Monster Supplies

The ultimate food for thought... The Ministry of Stories follows the model of the 826 centers: a writing centre where kids aged 8-18 can get one-to-one tuition with professional writers and other volunteers; with the centres being housed behind fantastical shop fronts designed to fire the kids’ imaginations and generate income for the writing centers. This one supplies the demands of Monsters.... Once you are done shopping you might notice that the shelves hide a secret – a disguised entrance that opens onto the Ministry of Stories... and that is another tale.  Have fun with copy, Boooohhoo!

The creative studio WeMadeThis designed the concept shop of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies in the UK – Purveyor of Quality Goods for Monsters of Every Kind. Visit ministryofstories.org/ and the designers' page at wemadethis.co.uk/

"With spine-shuddering pleasure we hereby announce the grand reopening of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. After extensive refurbishment, we now stock a pharmacopoeia of different types of fear, a complete range of edible human preserves and everyday household essentials like Fang Floss and Zombie Mints."So we invite clients old and new, living and dead to come and discover why we’ve been the store of choice for discerning monsters for over two hundred years, and will be the same forevermore." - Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.

"Bespoke and Everyday Items for the Living, Dead and Undead." - Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.

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