Saturday, April 9

The Icecreamists, agents of cool from the UK

A year after their successful Guerilla Ice Cream Installation at Selfridge's flagship London store, The Icecreamists are returning to liberate London with their first Ice Cream Boutique and a provocative 'Lick Your Addiction' campaign theme. A second, larger Icecreamists Boutique will open in the Piazza in Covent Garden in late May this year. Visit

"One-part Vivienne Westwood, one-part Hard Rock Boutique and one-part Alice in Winter-Wonderland, The Icecreamists is a deliciously dark and subversive twist on the traditional ice cream parlour. Adult, with a scoop of inner-child, this unique concept is satirical, provocative, playful and unlike anything ever seen before."- The Icecreamists.

"The ‘Lick Your Addiction’ programme celebrates an absurdist stream of consciousness with a satirical pastiche about the culture of addiction, celebrity, pop-culture and politics. Expect a provocative lick and satirical scoop with every mouthful.” - Founder Matt O’Connor.

Watch this video about The Icecreamists story.

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